Thank you for your interest in an ECMC property. Below, you will find instructions and the general criteria required for applying for a property managed by ECMC. It is important that you read the information below to understand what is required for renting an apartment prior to submitting an application. Please contact the apartment community manager if you have any questions not answered below or need any additional information or clarification.


  • Each potential occupant, 18 years of age or older, is required to complete a separate lease application and is subject to a background and credit check by Landlord/Owner or its designated representative.
  • Only the individuals listed in the application will be allowed to reside in the apartment.
  • Prior to processing an application, each applicant must provide a completed and signed application, government-issued photo identification, verifiable proof of social security number, two of the most recent pay stubs and payment of the application fee in certified funds (cashier’s check or money order only).
  • Failure to supply any of the above documentation, payment or submit a completed and signed application is grounds for immediate denial.
  • Applications are to be submitted to the management office at the property where you desire to reside.

Application/Processing Fee

  • A $30 application fee is required per application, without exception, and is immediately non-refundable.
  • Once processed, the application and related reports are valid for a maximum of thirty (30) days.
  • After thirty (30) days a new application must be completed and a new application fee must be paid.

Apartment Reservation

  • If an applicant (and each co-applicant) is APPROVED, then a security deposit is required to reserve an apartment.
  • Once a security deposit is provided, it becomes non-refundable in all circumstances except as contemplated in a fully executed Lease.
  • Once an apartment is RESERVED, all applicants must sign a Lease within five (5) days.
  • If an apartment is reserved and a Lease is NOT signed within five (5) days, the security deposit will be forfeited to Landlord and the apartment will be released.

Basic Criteria

  • The general criteria for all applications are a good income, credit, and tenant history or ownership of all applicants, proving the ability to support the rental income and care for the property. Negative findings on any one or more of these areas can cause denial of an application.
  • Providing false information or documentation is immediate grounds for denial of an application.
  • ECMC supports Fair Housing Laws. All lease applications are considered equally without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other class protected by applicable laws.
  • Guarantors (Co-signors) are subject to the same basic criteria as applicants; however, they must be able to qualify for double the monthly rental rate. Co-signors must enter into the Lease with the applicant.


  • Total income for all applicants must be a minimum of 2.5 times the rental rate to qualify.
  • Total income for all co-signers must be a minimum of 5 times the rental rate to qualify.
  • All applicants are required to supply reasonable, reliable, and legal documentation on all income; all documentation on income is required in a timely manner.
  • Examples of income are employee records, income tax records, social security documentation, monthly stipends, trust funds, and other sources that will reflect the ability to make monthly rental payments.
  • ECMC must be able to verify all income sources and reserves the right to disqualify applicants for failure to prove income, supply adequate documentation, or prove the ability to support rental payments.


  • ECMC obtains a credit report for all applicants and co-signers and does not accept copies of any reports from applicants, no exceptions.
  • Negative credit reports can be grounds for denial of an application.
  • All references must be verifiable.
  • Negative or unverifiable references can be grounds for denial of an application.
  • If a guarantor or co-signor is required, the co-signor must sign the Lease as a tenant/occupant.

Background and Criminal History

  • ECMC obtains a background report for all applicants and does not accept copies of any reports from applicants, no exceptions.
  • Negative findings can be grounds for denial of an application.
  • Any Conviction of a crime directly or indirectly involving fraud, violence, sexual abuse or theft of property is grounds for denial of an application.

Rental History or Property Ownership

  • ECMC requires a minimum of three (3) years of rental history and/or homeownership.
  • All references must be verifiable.
  • Negative or unverifiable references can be grounds for denial of an application.
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